CubeSat Attitude Control

Nano-satellites attitude control system

About product

Modifications of one-degree and three-degree of freedom systems have been created. A few trial models, which will be used in primary experiments, have been developed. Several modifications, characterized only by one parameter, accuracy of the position, for example, could be developed using the same technologies and principles. This technology could also be applied in micro-satellites. The product is proposed to nano-satetlite developers for attitude control.


Our solution has never been used for nano-satellite attitude control. According to the statistics of SpaceWorks, CubeSat market is growing. It started to rise in 2013 and until 2020 the number of satellite launch will double the increase.

This innovative technology could be applied to systems that require accuracy of precision, for example, the displacement of microscope stage or precise positioning of objects.

Looking for possible partners in the area of

  • Design and manufacture of mechanical constructions
  • Design, development and testing of PCB circuits
  • Design and development of software